THE CAMPUS performance centre, created to meet the needs and demands of professional athletes, is equipped with the latest in sport technology.

The campus Sports Camp Quinta Do Lago

Based in Quinta do Lago on the Algarve The Campus will be the number one destination for sport, leisure and health in Europe.
It can accomodate the whole spectrum of sport from High Perfromance athletes and sports people to grass roots and children

The facility consist of:

  • Desso Grassmaster Pitch
  • Functional Gymnasium
  • Health Related Gymnasium
  • 2 Studios
  • Stadium Quality Changing Rooms
  • Dedicated Recovery Suite
  • Medical Areas
  • Swimming Pools
  • Outdoor relaxation areas
  • Trim Trail

The facilities are located 20 minutes from Faro airport.

We provide a bespoke sports hotel, The Magnolia that has been specially modified to accomodate all of a sports team and athletes need,or The Monte da Quinta hotel or Ria Park Hotel
The journey time from the hotels is 5 minutes and Team Coach, Shuttle services and bike options will be provided.

The facilities have been designed with the Elite Sports and Athlete requirements in mind.

The attention to detail around the design includes features such as:
Ice baths and contrast immersion area
Media centre and team room
Analytics area and pitch monitoring
Medical spaces in changing and gym areas
Stadium quality changing rooms
Laundered kit service
Private dining area


The Stadium Quality pitch is provided with a full playability report.

We are able to replicate the finest of detail enabling the teams to prepare on the same surface they will play on.
The proximity of the gymnasium to the pitch, the changing rooms to the medical and recovery areas are all within a one door design parameter.
The teams can have private access to the facility and we can ensure total privacy for all sessions as required.

The outdoor areas are designed to assist recovery and conditioning.

The pool is a full half sized olympic training pool, it will have 4 lanes and a consistent depth of 1.5 mtrs
It also boasts relaxation areas, outdoor dining and provides the athletes with the all important vitamin D.
The precipitation levels are also conducive to the all year round availability of the facilities.


The nutrition and dining for the teams and athletes has also been accommodated.

There will be a feeding station within the changing rooms and highly qualified chefs to prepare the menu’s provided to us.
The dining can be private or inclusive to meet the demands of the situation.
The Campus provides the teams and coaches a unique opportunity.
It can also offer many complimenatry services that will enhance the player experience and maximise the quality of the time spent at The Campus.

Do You Have Any Questions?

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